Mobile Device Management

Managing Business's Cell Phone Devices in Winter Haven & Lakeland

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Mobile Device Management

The modern workplace is filled with mobile devices. Workers use anything from personal smartphones to company phones, tablets and laptops to access important and confidential information. Do you have a safe and secure management system to confirm the security of these endpoints?

Cintak is here to help with our mobile systems experts. We will help guide you creating a comprehensive management solution. Through cloud based applications, you will be able to secure and permit use of tablets, smartphones, and laptops; no matter if they're company or personal devices.

Why Mobile Device Management?

Use our mobile management system to enable your workers to use there own devices within your managed network. Your workers will get all of the freedom that comes with having a personal device, all while you maintain the security through our application. You are able to freely bring in new devices freely along with providing all updates whenever you need them.

Keep your companies information safe. With our manged system data protection will be greatly improved along with being able to wipe any device when needed, you can keep at peace knowing your companies data is safe.

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Features of Mobile Device Management

Backup & Restore

Easily backup and restore your device(s) whenever need be.

Remote Configuration

Quickly and easily setup new devices to your managed environment.

Security Alerts

Get alerts anytime our system detects unusual or suspicious activity.

Remote Data Wiping

Anytime you lose access to a device you can remotely wipe it.

Remote Monitoring

Always keep an eye on the devices connected to your network.

Bring Your Own Device

We make it simple for your users to bring there own device.

Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Increased Security

Your data is important, that's why we focus strongly on keeping your devices secured and protected. Easily backup, restore, and wipe data on a whim, all being encrypted and stored privately.

Premium 24/7 Technical Support

Cintak provides 24/7 support for all of our customers. Any time, and day, we will be here to help, whatever it may be. We know how important this is, and stand behind our services.

Increased Productivity

Save time and money by having your employees connected to our managed infrastructure. Get new devices up and running significantly faster than before without any headache.

Robust & Reliable

We use state of the art managed ecosystem that is tried and true; tested to be fast, secure, and functional. Have all of your devices collaboratively work together like a well oiled machine.