VOIP Features

Simple, Flexible & Easy to Scale Cloud PBX Solution for Winter Haven & Lakeland Businesses

With Cintak Cloud PBX, you get all the phone features your business needs with low upfront costs and no hardware or software to maintain. Whether you are operating from a single office or different locations in your city, state, or country, you get an enterprise-grade VoIP phone system. And, you can reach your mobile employees at all times just by dialing your company phone number.

Product Functionalities

  • Unlimited calling to Contiguous United States and Canadian Provinces
  • Phone Number: Port Existing or Get New 
  • Audio Conference Bridges
  • Call Recording and Auto-Attendant / IVR
  • Custom Caller ID
  • Custom Music-On-Hold
  • Mobile Softphone Extensions Follow Me / Call Forwarding
  • Call Detail Record / Call Reporting
  • Account Management via a Web Portal
  • Virtual Fax (Fax-to-email / Email-to-fax)
  • Premium 24/7 Technical Support
  • Voicemail Message Waiting Display
  • Notification Email

User web Portal

  • Call Log / Call Detail Records
  • Profile Management
  • Call Statistics
  • Call Reports
  • Call Recording/Dowload
  • Call Screening List
  • Fax Management
  • Voicemail Management
  • Call Forwarding Management
  • WebRTC Browser Phone
  • Conference Bridge Control

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Cloud PBX Features

Pre-configured PBX & IP Phones

Cloud PBX and all extensions come configured with Busy Lamp Field,  Intercom, Paging, Hunt Group, Audio Conference, etc.

Unlimited Incoming Simultaneous Calls

Users can receive unlimited simultaneous calls on their phone number.

Unlimited Outgoing Simultaneous Calls 

Users can place unlimited simultaneous calls. Call limitations exist on IP phones and Softphones.

Call Routing by Phone Number

Route the call to a different destination (extension or auto-attendant) based on the number called.

Auto-Attendant / IVR

The Auto Attendant receives calls, provides the caller with different assistance options and transfers calls.


Leave a voice message when the user is unavailable.

Voicemail Retrieve Options

Read voicemail from IP phone, smartphone, email or web console.

Voicemail Forward

Forward a voicemail to another user.

Message Waiting Indicator

Indicates that a message is waiting in the user voicemail.

Call Hold / Resume

Place/Resume a call on hold. 

Call Park / Call Pickup

Park a call from a phone and pick it up from another phone.

Music on Hold

Allows user to select the MP3/WAV music that will be played.

Phone Book

List of company extensions.

Busy Lamp Field

See whether another extension is busy.

Call Blocking / SelectiveCall Rejection / Call Screening

Block incoming calls that are part of a list of phone numbers.

Call Recording – Automatic

Record all calls from the beginning to the end.

Call Recording – On Demand

Record a call from a user.

Call Return – Redial

Return a call using the automatic redial function.

Call Transfer – External

Transfer a call to an external number/contact.

Call Transfer – Internal

Transfer a call to an extension.

Call Transfer to Voicemail

Transfer a call to voicemail.

Call Forward – Manual

Forward incoming call to an extension.

Call Forward – Automatic

Forward incoming call to an extension.

Call Forward – Phone Number

Forward the incoming call to an external phone number.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Block calls from people who have blocked their caller ID.

Call Waiting

The user will hear a tone that indicates a new incoming call. The current call can be put on hold to pick up the new call.

Intercom / Paging

Page using the intercom.

Audio Conference Bridge

Audio conferencing.

Caller ID

Display the phone number/name of the caller.

Caller ID Delivery Blocking / CLI Hide

Calling line ID will not be displayed when dialing out.

Do Not Disturb

When enabled, sends incoming calls to the VM.

HD Voice

Highest performance audio codecs – G.722.

Call Forking / Simultaneous Ringing

An incoming call rings on all devices (IP Phone & Smartphone).

Follow Me

An incoming call rings a mobile/cellular phone when the user is unavailable. 


Ability to handle communication on multiple devices (desktop phone, mobile device (BYOD), web browser, PC).


Place a call from a Web Browser.

Virtual Fax

Send and receive faxes as PDF email attachments.

IP Phone Auto-Provisioning

IP Phones are automatically configured on boot up.

Softphone Auto-Provisioning

Softphones are configured automatically with a QR code.

Email Notification and Fax Management 

Notifications and faxes can be sent to multiple email addresses (no need to create a distribution group).

Group Pickup

User can pick an incoming call from another user or group of users.


Distribute phone calls from a phone number to a group of users/extensions.

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