Managed VoIP

Managed Voice Over IP Services for Businesses in Winter Haven & Lakeland

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VoIP Business Phone Systems

When was the last time you gave serious thought to your phone system? After all, relying on outdated phone technology is often costly and inefficient, not to mention extremely frustrating.

With Cintak business VoIP services, you can help your business thrive with access to the next generation of telephone and collaborative solutions.

Imagine eliminating dropped calls, unintelligible voice messages, or malfunctioning lines. With Cintak, you can finally enjoy the phone system of the future.

Why Managed VoIP?

By signing up for our managed VoIP service, you will receive hands-on support from the second your new system is installed. Our team will always be on your side throughout the contract, catering to all your service-related needs to ensure smooth end-to-end connections.

Cintak installs industry-leading VoIP phones. These devices are not only highly compatible with existing technology, but they can support continued customization for years to come. After installation, our team will remain to provision your numbers, train your staff, and customize all of your menus, greetings, mailboxes and more.

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Features of Managed VoIP for Business

Call Recording

Record, download, save and log your calls for later use.

Virtual Fax

Send and receive faxes online, no longer requiring a machine.

Detailed Call Log

Always know who calls from where with detailed logs.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to any line in your company network with ease.

Call Screening

Actively monitor and screen calls to filter out undesirables.

Email Notifications

Get logs, alerts, and more sent straight to your email inbox.

Benefits of Managed Voip for Business

Improved Call Quality

Never again will you have to apologize for your clients not being able to hear you. Our VoIP solutions use high speed dedicated servers, allowing you to have crystal clear audio.

Premium 24/7 Technical Support

Cintak provides 24/7 support for all of our customers. Any time, and day, we will be here to help, whatever it may be. We know how important this is, and stand behind our services.

Efficient Client Interaction

No matter if you need to invite someone else to your conference call, or leave without closing, you will never be without the features you need to communicate effectively.

Superior Mobility

No longer be tied to a desk or building, with our solutions you can switch between many devices and locations. Have your network follow wherever you go and never be left behind.